The calm AFTER the storm..

As I am sure most of you know, Hurricane Irma did hit my home town Orlando, and it hit some areas harder than others. Luckily everyone in my family and all of my friends are safe and sound. But there are the few who were not as fortunate and lost a lot. Including flooding in their homes, cars wrecked, severe injuries, and I believe 68 are confirmed dead as of right now.

My mom sadly still does not have power in her home which means no air conditioning, no fresh food, no wifi, and no hot water. Our electric company said it could take up to several days till they can turn our power back on. Which in reality can mean a few days, a week, or perhaps even two weeks. My mom also has a horrible amount of debris in her backyard, which could take forever to clean up.

But after this disaster, I truly feel grateful for everything god has given me. I am so very lucky to have two parents who love and care for me, I am grateful for my health and safety, & I am grateful for my friends. My friends were always checking in on me through out the storm and I would check in on them every couple of hours. Lastly.. I am grateful for life. I mean look how beautiful yesterday was! Thank goodness one of my favorite beaches did not get too badly damaged & my bestie & I were able to tan in the sand for a few hours! Life is such a precious gift from god, you can’t take it for granted. I hope everyone is healthy and safe after the Hurricane. God Bless!

Warm regards,

Ashley xoxo


Top 10 Instagramable Universal Moments

Well as most of you already know, I live in Orlando FL, and there is always something fun to do. But one place my friends and I can never get enough of is the Universal theme parks! This past weekend a good friend of mine was celebrating her 20th birthday and kindly invited me to join her and her family’s staycation at the Hard rock hotel (which I highly suggest to stay at it’s a super cool hotel!!!!!). But that is not what I am here to talk to you about today. I am talking about the big S…..Social Media of course! But my favorite form of  social media will forever be Instagram. So I thought it would be pretty neat to show my favorite photo worthy spots in both Universal Orlando Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. There’s a tun of cool places to take pics in both parks, but these were some moments my friend and I have captured this past weekend.

1. The Universal Ball



Well, you can’t take a trip to Universal without taking a photo in front of the ball now can you! The Universal ball is so iconic, the other day my mom showed me a photo of her in front of the ball in the 90s and it has evolved so much since then. It is for sure a moment you have to capture while on your vacay.

2. “Beverly Hills” in Universal Studios


If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw I already posted this, and had to incorporate Weezer’s song “Beverly Hills” in the caption haha. This little street is so cute and has really cute souvenir shops. There’s a Ben and Jerry’s to the right of me and also occasionally Betty Boop and Marilyn Monroe come out to take pictures with people! We unfortunately did not get the chance to see either Betty or Marilyn, but we thought why not take a cute little pic in the middle of the street?

3. Telephone booth in London



I can’t even begin to explain how cute this little telephone booth is! I see so many girls post in this little gem, and the coolest part is that it actually works! I was so tempted to prank call my brother. But I am a nice sister and had lots of rides to attend too in one day. This telephone booth is right in front of Harry Potter world’s entrance to Diagon Alley and near the entrance to the train. Maybe when you visit you’ll get the chance to prank call a sibling or two!

4. Knight Bus



This scene from Harry Potter is probably one of my favorites! When the Harry Potter area first opened in Universal Studios seeing the Knight bus before my eyes was pretty cool (considering I’m a muggle and all). But it is also a really cute photo op! My friend and I have actually had a photoshoot in front of the bus a couple years back, and we tried to recreate the photos we took then, now.

5. Diagon Alley



Diagon Alley is definitely a must-see when you are visiting Universal Studios. I actually purchased my own wand while on my visit! Not entirely sure why everyone is acting so casually in the first photo when I am clearly trying to battle a dragon. But the interactive wand was totally worth the purchase! They not only have places you can use your magic in Diagon Alley, when you take the train over to Hogsmeade they have areas where you can show off your magic there too!

6. Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes



If you’ve watched the Harry Potter series and are a fan of Fred and George, you HAVE to visit their store!! It is not only magical, colorful, and really aesthetically pleasing, they have the cutest merchandise! As you can see I practically fell in love with my little pink puff ball.

7. Butter Beer in Hogsmeade



Now.. you can’t go to Harry Potter World without trying the world famous butter beer. It is literally heaven in a cup. Filled with magic that will make your taste buds explode!!! I preferably like my butter beer frozen. In Hogsmeade their is a really cute butter beer stand right in front of the entrance that has very photo worthy qualities. Also if you have a bae you wanna take a cute pic with in front of the butter beer stand it comes out to be a really adorable picture. My bae will forever be butter beer and we will live happily ever after.

8. Jimmy Fallon racing through NYC



Now this sign I think is really cool because its uniquely different from the OG Jimmy Fallon sign. This ride is also a must-see when you are visiting Orlando Universal Studios! While you are waiting you are not in a line, but in a room with quartet singers and outlets on the wall to charge your phone! Also in order to go on this ride you do need to put in a reservation in kiosks in front of the ride.

9. Hogwarts



This castle is so detailed and extravagant you can’t miss this photo op!! Unfortunately there’s always people standing in front of the castle so its hard to take a photo with just you and nobody standing around. But even if you don’t get one with you individually like me, just being able to stand in front of Hogwarts as a muggle is pretty magical, agreed?

10. Honey Dukes


Okay. This doesn’t have any photos of me but… HOW CUTE IS THIS STORE?! My goodness it is so colorful in there I love it so much!!! Don’t even get me started on the treats they serve. My bestie and I got different deserts, I got the Pumpkin Pasty which tasted like pumpkin pie in a pastry it was AMAZING. My friend tried the Cauldron Cake and said it was delicious as well.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog and found some useful tips on where to take pics on your next Universal vacay! I will be trying to post at least every two weeks on my blog if I don’t get too caught up with school or work. I am thinking about maybe even incorporating fashion blogs? I really had fun making this “most instagramable” post so I might even do more posts like this! I hope everyone has a blessed day and thank you for reading!


Ashley, xoxo

Welcome to my page!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! This is just a practice post. But my page will consist of me sharing my experiences that I make with my travels either in my hometown Orlando, or anywhere else I travel to around the globe 🙂

This summer I have been to so many places and made so many memorable experiences. From standing right in front of the Eiffel Tower, riding up the mountains in Colombia, and to basking in the sun of the luxurious Turks and Caicos. My summer of 2017 is definitely one I will never forget. But it got me thinking.. I have made so many beautiful experiences that yet nobody knows about. So why not write about them?


I sadly think to write about every single experience I have made this summer in this blog would take me months. But from now on whenever I travel somewhere new or see something cool enough to share, I am going to write it all on this new blog of mine! Luckily I do live in the capital of tourism and there is always something fun to do. So I will do my best to keep everyone updated on fun things I do in my hometown Orlando! AKA the sunshine state, see now you get why I named my blog the way I did haha. I hope everyone has a blessed day. XOXO Ashley